how to download and install fonts on macOS for Free

This article is based on downloading fonts from this website,, Navigate to the website and find the font you wish to download and install on your system.

Screenshot of from Safari on macOS

Locate the download button, it usually is a green bold button with label DOWNLOAD NOW, Click that button and wait for the next page to load.

You will be taken to the download information page, give a second or two, the font should begin downloading automatically into your download folder.

Screen Shot from

After few seconds the font will download, as indicated in the screen shot above, click the download folder icon on your mac, and click the font file you just downloaded.

Once clicked, it will open with Font Book (Font Book is the built-in software that comes with every mac for handling fonts, installing and removing them)

Screen shot from Font Book on Mac

At this point you can click the Install Font button and install the font, depending on your system speed this shouldn’t take too long to complete, in fact it will be over before you notice much. Let it install the font.


That’s it, Your new font is now installed and ready to be used. Open your favorite text editor or any other application you want test the font with and test it. (I will use the built-in simple text editor to try the the new font)

Testing newly installed font on a Mac


The END .

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